Size 3 Dangerous Goods Storage


  • Suitable for gas and/or liquids with addition of a bunding tray.
  • Constructed of Non combustible heavy duty steel
  • 2 Compartments, separated by a 2mm steel wall
  • Air vents in 2 opposite external walls
  • Mobile—on 2 fixed and 2 swivel steel casters, polyurethane lined.
  • 2 security locking systems.
  • 2 space saving sliding doors.
  • Gas bottle ties.
  • Push pull bars.
  • Lifting and pulling lugs.
  • Earth leads and stake.
  • Danger warning signs

Gas Cylinders and bottles require safe handling and storage. For best protection, they should be stored up right in a well ventilated space. When kept out doors, they should be stored away from direct sunlight and artificial heat sources.

As well, full cylinders should be storage separately from empty ones, and cylinders of different gases should be isolated from each other, whether full or empty. Our gas cylinder storage products help you take care of these requirements. We take safety seriously, which is why we offer high quality 2 compartment storage to meet your site safety needs as well as Work Safe regulations