Size 8 – Construction Storage – 6m Shipping Container

External Measurement


6.0 m


2.4 m


2.6 m

Internal Measurement


5.85 m


2.33 m


2.38 m

Weight: 2.25 Tonne Approx

20′ / 6m Shipping Container Melbourne – With Heavy Duty Lock Box


  • Not just a shipping container.
  • Take pride in your site from the start. Fully painted to ensure the visual aspect of the container is pleasing and does not create an ‘eye sore’.
  • Specially designed security lock box made of 10mm steel, with added lock protection unique to Site Safe. (Note: Not all lock boxes are the same. Most lock boxes coming out of China are made from thin steel that is easily cut and pulled off.)
  • Wooden floors.
  • Forklift points.
  • These are a very tidy unit and are ideal for bulk storage.
  • Wind and Water tight.

When you are on a building site you want a Shipping Container that will provide you with the most protection for all your Tools and Materials. These units have a heavy duty lock box and are designed to be hardest for thieves to get into on site.  Being designed for Construction sites they expect a little ‘tough love’ when using them. Don’t get caught at the end of the hire with off hire charges that are more then the hire cost just because you got them dirty.  With in Reason Containers need to be swept out at end of hire.

Take pride in your site – All our units come out cleaned and with a fresh coat of paint. With all the OH&S and Council regulations, you want a Container that is not going to stand out and look like a rust bucket. The SITE SAFE container looks neat and does not stand out in bright colours.




Sizes 1-10 are not to be used for the storage of dangerous goods and flammable liquids